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Top Dog Slots


Pay Pal Casino

 Top Dog Slots is a PayPal Casino

Top Dog Slots Casino is committed to providing players with access to a selection of top-notch payment methods. And one of the ways we do this is by allowing you to use the highly trusted e-wallet that is PayPal. After year of use, PayPal is now one of the most familiar forms of payment that can be used in e-commerce.

Using PayPal at Top Dog Slots

Top Dog Slots is a premier destination for providing a PayPal casino UK service. If you are new to the payment or the casino, then we recommend checking out our step-by-side for using it. Honestly, it is a pretty straightforward process when you have a fully setup PayPal account:


  • Create a Top Dog Slots account: Follow the simple steps and fill in your personal details to create your casino account. After three steps, you will be given the option to deposit with a credit card, but you can choose not to.
  • Click on “Deposit”: Having closed out of the standard deposit option that is raised after creating an account, you will be on the main casino screen. To proceed with your online casino PayPal deposit, click on the “Deposit” button.
  • Choose a value: In the “Cashier” section, you will start on the deposit tab. The next step is to then click on the PayPal button below. You can then assign a deposit value of £10, £20, £50, £100, or £200.
  • Make a deposit: There is the option to tick or un-tick the box for Top Dog Slots to remember your PayPal login details. Either way, you will need to click the “Deposit” button on your transaction.
  • PayPal login: To complete your deposit, you will need to submit your PayPal login details and follow the steps on the page that opens. This entire process is quicker than entering credit card details and you will be finished in no time.

Newbie Bonuses

Being a newbie to Top Dog Slots will entitle you to claim a 100% match bonus on your first deposit. You can claim this from £10 up to £200, depending on how much you wish to take. This generous offer will also be available on your second and third deposits.

Overall, you can claim £600 worth of welcome bonus funds along with 60 free spins by signing up with this PayPal casino. For reference, the spins are made available in increments of 20 for each deposit and they are awarded for exclusive use on Starburst.

Advantages of Using PayPal

You might have already thought of a couple of advantages to using PayPal, but it helps to be aware of the full picture before fully committing to this method:

  • Funding options: PayPal can be linked to your bank account, credit card, or debit to enable rapid deposits and withdrawals from your preferred source.
  • Discrete payments: You can elect to re-enter your PayPal login details on every transactions to ensure that you stay safe and in control.
  • Quicker process: You might be inclined switch around credit cards, which calls for new information to submitted. PayPal simplifies the payment process entirely by only calling for you to enter your login details.
  • PayPal app: Download the PayPal app to your Android or iOS device and you can closely monitor your transactions.

Paysafecard and Phone Bill Payments

Functionally, paysafecard is an e-voucher that will be transferrable for online cash after purchasing from an offline vendor. Meanwhile, phone bill payments will enable you to credit deposits to your monthly account. Here is how they compare to PayPal:

  • Shielded deposits: Neither of these payments will require you to engage in online transactions from your bank account. PayPal eliminates the need to submit personal details, but it remains an online payment. For some players, it is preferably to be even more protected by paysafecard or phone bill.
  • Withdrawals: The only slight issue that can arise from this approach is that the withdrawal of winnings might not be quite as smooth as PayPal. For instance, you might end up sharing card details anyway just to make a withdrawal. Nevertheless, this is an option that you only have to consider when the time comes.

PayPal is extremely quick, efficient, and secure for online casino players. Hopefully, this will give you a helping hand for using it.