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Why RNGs Matter in Your Slot Strategy

Every passion or pursuit has a level of depth that is beneficial to those who take the time understand how their hobby works. This is exactly true of online slot games, with their being various technical mechanisms that affect your slot strategy, whether you know it or not. In this very latest guide, we explore slot RNGs.

What Are RNGs?

The letters RNG are used to abbreviate the longer term of random number generator, a mechanism that is used to determine how slot games function. You will not encounter a legitimate slot that ever works without using an RNG.

Why Do We Need RNGs?

The need for RNGs stems from the fact that slot games have to remain fair games of chance. Before slot games went online, the physical machines were constructed to offer random payouts, and this has to continue at online casinos.

From a functional standpoint, RNGs are also required just to make sure that the slots can actually work. For example, a slot with 13 different symbols will require an effective RNG to ensure that the game is actually playable and can work effectively.

Historically, casino games have been designed to give players the exact same chances of winning on each turn – any other approach simply wouldn’t be fair.

Which RNG Pitfalls Should I Avoid?

When hanging out with your mates, you might hear them convincingly explain how they have a sure-fire strategy for winning cash from a casino. However, you adopt the strategy and then find that it doesn’t work out so well for you. This scenario is one that is driven by a long-standing belief in slot myths that can easily be busted by RNGs.

Moving forward, you should take care to stay clear of these slot myths in favour of a logical alternative:

  • You can ride a hot streak: RNGs are designed to ensure that every spin is entirely random and independent of the prior or forthcoming spin. Just because you happen to win twice in a row, you are not guaranteed to win for a third.
  • Winning is more likely with higher stakes: This is not true when playing the base games of slots. There are some progressive jackpots that can improve the odds with higher stakes, but only for winning the pooled pot.
  • You can’t win after a big win: You don’t have to avoid your favourite slot in the next session just because you won in the last. The outcome is entirely random on every single spin.
  • RNGs are designed to cheat players: UK and EU casinos have to be licensed with highly respected gambling authorities. And part of the process will include the independent testing of RNGs. At Top Dog Slots, for example, we have been tested and approved by SQS.

Always remember that RNGs are designed to give you functional slot games that work fairly to give you a chance of winning. Try your hand at a great slot game by claiming up to free spins on Starburst.