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Using RTP to Win More on Online Slots

Otherwise known as ‘return to player’ percentage, RTP is a very basic indicator of the slots odds and risk offered by a particular game. There are many other considerations when choosing a slot title for the best chances of winning (and anyway, there are many definitions of a ‘win’ for various people). But RTP can be thought of as the first order of operations, the initial step in deciding whether a game may be profitable.

Passing the First Test

Obtaining a decent RTP is fairly simple. We can tell you that the most popular games out there will offer an RTP % between 95% and about 98%. But before you trot off with false security about merely finding a slot that falls inside that range, you should know a few more things:

  • RTP is measured over a very long time
  • You cannot expect the exact payout of your game’s RTP
  • There are other influences upon a game’s odds

RTP Is a Theoretical Number

The measuring of ‘return to player’ percentages is both a mathematical calculation as well as a matter of certification (normally needed in land-based casinos). Online and mobile slots are simpler because a whole game exists inside computers and over the Web, without a ‘machine’ to check.

But the return to player figure is not exact at all. Basically it’s meant to approximate the overall and evenly distributed rate of return that a game will have over its entire lifetime. Therefore, the actual RTP that you will experience during your session will vary somewhat, even though each of your spins is entirely random and independent.

Where Is RTP?

Okay, as we said, RTP is an approximation of the online slots odds for particular games. How do you find this number beforehand? Well, it may take a little digging and hunting for the information, or, some sites just offer it up in plain view. If you have no idea what RTP a game has at your favourite casino then you can try:

  • a web search for online reviews of the game
  • visiting the game creator’s website
  • asking fellow players in social media
  • contact your casino’s customer support

Using RTP for Better Slots Odds

Okay, you may know the RTP for a given slot title now, but there is more to the picture. Obviously, you will want to pick games with the highest RTP values. But let’s say you found three or four with 96% or higher; now the question is which will be the best choices beyond their RTP.

In some cases, you see, what is important is playing a slot with features that make sense, and a style of gameplay that matches personal preferences (such as pace of action and betting options). That means that this sort of game will be more fun and easier to read while it’s spinning.

But, what if you have a few games with comparable, or the same, RTP guidelines? Then you’ll have to use a finer toothed comb to tell them apart. Read on!

Passing the Second RTP Tests

For punters who specifically want to bag a jackpot, what is more important than promising RTP for a slot title? If you were to have selected a couple of different slots with the same RTP, let’s say, then you should consider these further issues:

  • How many reels and paylines does the slot have?

Generally speaking, the latest blockbuster slot with all kinds of hyped-up features like ‘sticky reels’, complicated in-play bonuses and more symbols than average, let alone more than 5 reels, will be less profitable than a simpler game. Don’t assume that a slot with many ‘ways to win’ (similar to its paylines) will be more likely to win! It’s the opposite.

  • How big is the jackpot and what type is it?

You might find a slot with great RTP but a lower possible jackpot, which may give you all sorts of tiny wins but not whoppers. On the other hand, you could find a progressive (a dynamic, increasing jackpot) that saps away some of your bets to build up the grand total that you may not hit unless you spend enough time betting big. We suggest finding a decent RTP on a slot with basic slot features instead of fancy stuff.

  • Are you playing a trusted RNG?

RNG means ‘random number generator’, the part of the game’s programming that ensures each spin is completely up to chance. This question really gets to the issue of choosing reputable game brands.

Generally the oldest brands (Microgaming, IGT, Playtech, Random Logic) have the most trusted RNGs, so with these you won’t have a nagging doubt that the game is straight enough to deliver on its posted RTP range.

Get Your Best RTP On!

We hope that our quick primer on online slots odds measured as RTP encourages you to put this important detail into your punter’s toolbox. But don’t get too balled up about it. Just find a game with a decent return to player rating, but make sure it also meets the other basic criteria we touched on above. The rest is up to your best instincts.