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Top 5 Differences in Depositing with PayPal vs. Skrill

There is often debate on the topic of PayPal vs Skrill, so let’s take some time to analyse the top five differences between the two e-wallets. This will help you decide whether or not to progress with Skrill or PayPal slots.

The Compatibility

Nowadays, mobile compatibility can mean the difference between online services thriving or failing. In terms of compatibility, both e-wallets offer support to major smartphones and tablets. This includes those running on Android, iOS, and web-based. However, PayPal is the only provider of a dedicated Windows Phone app.


Windows Phone is not as popular compared to Android and iOS. Nevertheless, this lack of compatibility does limit the potential usage of Skrill among some mobile casino players.

The Fees

When using the option of online casino pay by PayPal, the fees will be 3.4% plus a £0.20 charge on every transaction made with a credit card. However, you will be exempt from fees whenever using a bank account or debit card instead.

Skrill has a much more complicated setup, with percentage fees charged on an array of payment methods, even for Neteller and paysafecard, which are owned by the same company.


Skrill charges 7.50% on VISA withdrawals, while bank transfers will incur £4.76 for every transaction. The fact that you can use your bank account or debit card for free makes PayPal the better approach.

The Casinos

PayPal has a reputation for being the world’s best-known e-wallet, whereas Skrill has been playing catch-up for years. However, this global coverage does not extent to acceptance at online casinos, where Skrill is more widely accepted.


Skrill operates with a more relaxed approach that allows for online gambling operators and customers to utilise the e-wallet smoothly. PayPal is more complex in this regard, which is why it is less commonly accepted.

The Bonuses

Skrill and also Neteller can prove tricky to use whenever it comes to claiming deposit bonuses. There are numerous examples of terms and conditions that will preclude users from claiming such offers whenever they deposit with a Skrill account.


Although PayPal is less commonly accepted at casino sites, it is less likely to prevent you from claiming deposit bonuses, whereas Skrill often will.

The Rewards

Online casinos can frequently be depended on to reward loyal players in their VIP programmes. And Skrill appears to be in agreement, with high-level customers rewarded in various ways, including access to more than one multi-currency account, lower transaction fees, and support from an account manager.


Casinos look after their most loyal players by giving them frequent rewards and perks. For a regular user of PayPal, it could be frustrating to not receive awards if you have chosen the e-wallet over Skrill. The only potential remedy to the situation is to sign up for a PayPal MasterCard, but this added complexity is hardly ideal.

The choosing between PayPal and Skrill can often come down to factors like bonuses, fees, and acceptance – and now you know about them.