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More than Just Slots at Top Dog!

Slots are part of our name, but Top Dog so many more games to offer you. We all know that slots can be so much fun, but so can the rest of the casino games we provider right here at our casino site.

Table Games

A fantastic starting point is to begin with table games, as these provide a sense of timeless class. At Top Dog Slots, you can have the choice of indulging in blackjack, roulette, or poker games.


Your options are to play Blackjack, Blackjack Classic, or Blackjack Pro. Each game is true to the most popular versions of blackjack, but you might encounter slightly varied rules, such as backing multiple hands or making a side bet. When playing blackjack, it is important to remember these tips:

  • Know when to stand: If the dealer is showing 2 to 6, then stand on 12 to 16.
  • Know when to hit: If the dealer is showing ace to 7, then hit with 12 to 16.


Next up is roulette, which involves betting on number combinations or colours before the wheel gets spun. Top Dog can let you play either American Roulette or European Roulette, but check out these tips to ensure you have a better chance to win:

  • Go European: The house edge is only 2.70% next to 5.26% for American Roulette. Stick with European Roulette and you are more likely to win.

Number combinations: You can win more if you hit a single number, but the chances are much slimmer compared to winning with a group of numbers.


Poker has been successfully transferred to online casinos thanks to the introduction of a successful structure whereby you compete against the dealer. When playing Casino Hold’em or Texas Hold’em Pro at Top Dog, you can improve your winning chances like so:

  • Back good hands: Do not go limping into a hand when your cards are weak, as the dealer is not a human player who you can bluff.
  • Side bets: Always remember that it costs extra to make side bets, so check to see that you can afford these.

Bingo Games

Pull out the bingo cards and prepare to strike off those numbers. If you can outperform your fellow players, then you will be in prime position to win.

Bingo Tickets

You can purchase bingo tickets for the £1k Pay Day Jackpot, Lucky Stars, or Fair & Square. Each bingo room comes with varying prizes that you can play for with these tips:

  • Penny bingo: These low-cost bingo tickets can really help with your budgeting.
  • Bingo jackpots: Get extra tickets to improve your chances of winning.

Free Bingo

Free bingo is available to both standard and VIP players. Top Dog believes in free bingo for all, so maybe these tips can help:

  • Enter every game: Make sure to enter as many bingo games as possible, so as to raise your chances of scoring some winnings.
  • Budget control: Playing free will help you to manage your funds and use them to play on other games as well.


The beauty of instant games is that you can play quicker rounds if you are short on time. At Top Dog, you enjoy various scratch cards, lottery games, and video poker machines.

Scratch Cards

You can also play scratch cards online at Top Dog, with Star Raiders Scratch and Fluffy Favourites Instant presenting two great options. Just remember this piece of advice before starting to play:

  • Number of games: Some scratch cards let you pay for multiple games, so make sure to see what you are wagering on.

Lottery Games

You do not have to play alongside millions of other people to enjoy lottery games. Top Dog is home to a number of lottery-style games that can function with instant performance. Boss the Lotto, Spin the Lotto, and Lucky Keno are all great games to play. As a bonus here is a vital tip:

  • Understand the rules: The rules can be more complex than in slots, with instant lotto games including side bets. Take a moment before playing and you can know what exactly what is going on.

Video Poker

You can enjoy a sped-up version of poker where cards are drawn instantly and you win multipliers based on the quality of your hand. For instances, a pair of jacks or higher will let you win on Jacks or Better. When playing video poker, these tips can help:

  • Know the payouts: Check to see which combinations deliver payouts. For instance, some low pairs will not qualify.
  • Variant games: Some video poker games have special rules, such as jokers wild or deuces wild.

So, now you know that Top Dog definitely can give you so much more than slots. You can try any of the games outlined above by going straight to our library