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Improving Odds by Dropping Superstitions

The fact is that there has been an evolution from mechanical ‘slot machines’, as physical consoles in land-based casinos, to online and mobile slots games. But none of the traditional misconceptions about slots apply to their Web-powered versions — least of all superstitions that people have about spinning them.

Indeed there are some beliefs out there about slots that contradict the facts of the matter, or the science of slots, if you will. These beliefs have nothing to do with the rational explanation of how the games work. So we can call them superstitions: they are notions made of feelings and inaccurate images of what happens inside the slot.

Now then, let’s debunk some online slots superstitions, shall we? We definitely should do, because playing in a more scientific way can vastly improve one’s slots odds of winning and having fun.

#1 - No Hot and Cold Slots

The player who believes there are different timings within slots that can be hot and cold, winning or losing, is beset with fears about how, where and when to play online slots.

Here is one instance of some confusion between physical reality, or the history of slots, and the online games. Truth be told, back in the days of yore, in pubs there lived Fruit Machine slots. These games did in fact have programming that created mandatory wins within short cycles. So these slots had more literal and short-term RTP (return to player) rates.

But those fruit slots also were very basic in design: some only had 3 reels and a single payline! Today we’re playing computerised online slots with at least 5 reels, and hundreds if not thousands of payout ‘lines’ or ‘ways’ to get a little richer. But our current slots have no pre-programmed payout moods.

With online slots, each spin is independent and random. Period.

That’s right, folks, all those little rituals you had when spinning slots or when choosing which games to play that were based on the belief that the slots were temperamental … are a waste of time and energy.

Fear no longer, since you now know that every spin is a clean slate, open to new possibilities! The one caveat of this proclamation is the situation when you enter a bonus round, or a side game, in which a sequence of spin is tied together.

#2 - More Features Isn’t Better Odds

If you’re playing a slot with more than 5 reels, a long list of symbols and well over 25 paylines, then you’re playing a game with less than ideal odds of winning. That is, compared to a less fancy design without the ‘new and improved’ and more numerous ways to win.

The essential reason is that when a slot is brimming with symbols, paylines and bonus rounds, these features water down the online slots odds for chances of hitting a win. We’re talking about the actual probabilities.

But to be fair, these newer and spectacularly loaded slot titles are designed to have middling RTP and deliver a plethora of smaller winning moments, which are great for casual punters. If you mostly want some laughs and jaw dropping graphic effects then blockbuster slots are just the ticket.

If you are hunting for the best odds and have your sights set on a good sized jackpot win, well then find yourself a simpler slot and study it well.

#3 - We Can Expect the Exact RTP Back

Some of the more observant punters find slot titles according to the best possible RTP ratings, after doing a little hunting. Then they expect, often with disappointment, to receive their 97.655% or whatever back from the game.

This type of player could fall into other beliefs, out of despair, such as feeling unlucky, or, suspicion that the casino site has rigged the game’s warmth as game play continued. Neither of those is truthful.

The RTP listed for a game is an approximation of its payout range into the indefinite future. It is purely statistical, not an actual measurement of how the slot has been pre-tuned to behave. It may be a bit advanced to understand how such a number is calculated and the mathematical logic involved.

Be that as it may, you can be very confident that there is nothing wrong if your spins session falls short of a posted RTP %.

Beyond Superstitions

In closing we will just comment that there might be a common and even subconscious belief out there, regarding the place of superstitious notions in the pastime of slots. Some may assume they are part of the fun.

The problem is that having slot superstitions causes anxiety and fear of playing. Clearing up these ideas brings out a new dimension of the games and gives more chances of enjoying them, as well as better odds and chances of winning on them!