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How RTP Affects Your Slot Strategy

Online casino players vary from one another in many ways, ranging from the size of their bankrolls to the level of experience they possess. Among long-term players, for example, it’s more likely that they will have encountered the term “RTP”. You might not be aware, but RTP has a tremendous impact on slot odds and fortunes when playing online slot games.

What is RTP?

Quite simply, RTP is the abbreviation of “return to player”, which itself is a concept used to determine the long-term proportion of winnings that you can receive from playing a slot or any other casino game. In short, RTP is closely tied to slot game odds and probability.

RTP is displayed alongside slot games as a simple percentage. For instance, a 97.00% RTP would show players that they can expect a gradual net loss of 3.00% after playing a slot for a prolonged period of time.

Why Does RTP Matter?

The fact of the matter is that every online slot will have an RTP that falls beneath 100.00%. However, the importance of this concept is that you can look out for these percentages to determine which slots offer the highest rates of return.

When faced with RTP percentages, you want to look for the slots that are closest to 100.00%. Of course, other factors can come into play, such as the presence of progressive jackpots and free spins, but a high RTP is an obvious strength in the decision-making process.

What is the Lowest Acceptable RTP?

Each player has different priorities when selecting a slot, with perhaps the theme or the potential jackpot proving enticing. For this reason, it will generally be appealing to play slots with a 96.00% RTP or higher. Some players might overlook this for slots they really want to play, but anything below 94.00% will be a challenge to do well on.

How Can I Make RTP Work for Me?

Now that we have defined how RTP works, it will help to read some tips on how you can utilise this tool for the good of your gaming experience. Here are Top Dog Slots’ top RTP tips for your online slot strategy:

  • Google for RTP: Finding exact percentages for the RTP can be difficult, but Google is an invaluable resource. However, we must caution that you source RTP percentages from the software developer in order to find exact figures.
  • Have the confidence to not play: if you feel that a slot has an unfair RTP, then stay away from it. There are plenty of alternative slots out there with higher RTPs at 97.00% or higher.
  • Be patient with high RTPs: The RTP is mathematically determined and will eventually come to pass in the long-term. Try using lower stakes if you want to wait around for a solid run of payouts that will be determined by the RTP.

Top Dog Slots firmly believes in helping our pack of gamers make the most of their experience. We can offer highly informed help and advice next to our generous welcome package of up to 500 free spins.