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Good Habits of Winning Slots Players

There is relatively less strategy in spinning online slots compared to other casino favourites, to be honest. So it seems that we’re left to take advantage of our intuition. But also we should learn and use the best practices for obtaining the most favourable slots odds that we can muster.

Have you ever heard the saying that, being lucky is a matter of putting oneself in lucky situations? In this case, at the most basic level it means giving ourselves the most sensible slot games to play. The rest is technique!

Choosing the Slot

The best slots players are not charmed by the new fangled and overly complex slots titles — unless they’re just out for kicks and giggles in a consciously happy-go-lucky manner. (That is, those who don’t care more about giggling than about jackpots.) The latest blockbuster slot games are not likely to offer the most favourable odds, at any rate.

Generally speaking, the more symbols in the game’s repertoire, the worse off the player, since it dilutes the probability of landing the most valuable symbols. The same thing goes for an excess of reels (breadth of screen) and rows (height of screen).

Remember: The latest blockbusters that have more than 25 paylines, and sometimes hundreds or thousands of ‘ways to win’, have worse odds than simpler slot plans.

Smart Betting

Did you know, that betting more per spin is known to improve the odds in play for your slot game? The simple explanation is that when more of the pay-lines are covered by your wagers, then your odds of hitting winning combinations has increased considerably.

Also, for those who want to be in position to strike it rich on a massive jackpot, like some progressives, it is necessary to increase the bet value as well as the number of paylines. Do be advised, however, that if you do not set your sights on a massive payoff necessarily, you should avoid progressives since part of your bet is siphoned off to feed the growing jackpot.

Staying Sharp

Even though slots have autospin features, you would do well to turn them off and spin manually, if you want our advice. Get into the habit of reconsidering your bet size frequently, even every spin — which is vitally important since you want to maximise your bets as much as possible for the best odds.

And, stay away from the cocktails, wine and ales while you’re having a serious slots session. You might have a bunch of laughs when playing tipsy, but you may lose a grip of cash doing that, too. You’ll also miss a lot of your slot’s details and tells (such as times to raise your bets).

Not Rushing

Playing in manual spin mode goes hand in hand with not getting impatient. You should have chosen a slot that can hold your interest, with a groovy theme and some side games are alright, too. Therefore, you won’t mind slowing things down a bit, mate!

Benefits of Chilling Out

  • Your dosh will last longer
  • You will learn your slot better
  • More entertainment will be had
  • You may observe the effects of techniques

Do you want to know one of the main reasons that it makes perfect sense to spin your game slowly? There is no need to rush because you think that the game can get ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ while you’re playing it.

You can take solace in the actual fact that every one of your spins is independent and completely random.

If this comes as a surprise, then you may be one of the folks who has been superstitious about the way slots work. Not even most slot ‘machines’ inside land-based casinos were liable to change temperature (odds)! And certainly, Web-powered slots are strictly random on each and every spin.

Some of confusion could have come from playing traditional fruit machines in pubs, which were unique beasts. Some of these extremely simple slots, perhaps with only 3 reels and a single payline, actually were tuned to have variable odds over short periods of time to reward patient players. But you won’t find those at your online and mobile casino.

You may have to let some of our tips here sink in before you really get how they can improve your game. It could be that you have formed certain habits when you spin slots, which you can release now in order to become a better punter and get the best online slots odds as well.