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Get Cashback at Top Dog!

Run with the Top Dog and you could soon be claiming a variety of casino cashback offers. These tasty treats will lend you a helping hand to get started again or else boost your existing bankroll.

Cashback Bonuses Explained

A casino cashback bonus is when you receive credit in return after depositing and wagering with your own funds. You can find that cashback casinos either award an automatic bonus based on a percentage of your wagering or else your losses.

Typical Cashback Percentages

When playing at a cash back casino online, the VIPs typically receive the best offers. Generally, they can get in the region of 5% cashback as an entry-level. To advance, they need to amass more comp points and might eventually reach 10%, 15%, or 20%.

Typical Loss Levels

A cashback bonus shall almost always have a maximum value on either the total amount of wagering or funds that can be claimed. There is no exact answer here, but often you will see casinos letting players claim up to £50 or £100, while some sites can go even higher.

Top Dog Cashback for Newbies

The beauty of playing at Top Dog Slots is that we do not just give cashback bonuses to VIPs, but rather our entire pack of players. This is especially beneficial for newbies, who can expect 1% cashback during their first 31 days. Then, those who can rise to expert will keep on earning 1% weekly bonuses on their wagering.

Cashback Bonus Types

You will really like this section, and that is because there are numerous types of cashback bonus deals waiting for you to unlock:

  • Welcome offer: Make your initial deposit and a site can usually be expected to give you casino rebate funds in return.
  • Reload bonuses: These offers can be smaller than the main welcome offer, but they work similarly by giving you bonus funds back for depositing.
  • Cashback on losses: The next offer is a nice type of insurance where you will receive a percentage bonus back if you lose your full bankroll.
  • Cashback on total bets: You can also find offers where you get to receive cashback based on your total bets, as opposed to the losses.
  • Cashback events: It is also smart to look out for events where you can earn cashback on featured games or during happy hours and weekends.

Cashback vs. Top-up Bonus

Your promotional choices can sometimes come down to whether you want cashback or a top-up bonus. Please bear in mind that there is no right answer for every player and you have to think about what matters most to you in the deals.

Case for Cashback

First up, let’s focus on cashback by making the case for this type of offer:

  • Consistency: A top-up bonus can sometimes be restricted to limit moments, such as claiming a welcome package. However, cashback deals are usually offered on a weekly or monthly basis to make them dependable.
  • Rewarding: Cashback bonuses are at their most generous whenever they are based on wagering rather than losses. Basically, you do not have to lose your entire bankroll in order to be eligible for the benefits.

Case for Top-up

Next, it is time to outline some of the positives for claiming top-up deals:

  • Variety: A welcome pack or top-up offer can see you claiming bonuses, spins, and other perks, whereas cashback is focused on providing credit values.
  • Size: Top-up bonuses could see you unlock hundreds of pounds in credit, while a cashback deal might be smaller in scale.

How to Claim Cashback at Top Dog Slots

Top Dog Slots makes it simple for players of all levels to earn cashback perks. From day one, a newbie can enjoy 31 days of weekly cashback before they need to enter the VIP tiers, which have been outlined below:

  • Newbie (up to 100 Kudos): 1% cashback (first 31 days)
  • Expert (101-1,000 Kudos): 1% cashback
  • Pro (1,001-2,500 Kudos): 3% cashback
  • VIP (2,501-5,000 Kudos): 5% cashback
  • Legend (5,000+ Kudos): 10% cashback

Here at Top Dog Slots, you can earn Kudos points with every deposit that you make. This is a straight-forward system where you receive one point on every £1 deposited.

Most Popular Cashback FAQs

At this point, you might still have questions circling in your mind. Well, Top Dog Slots is now going to help by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about cashback bonuses.

How Often Can I Get Cashback?

Top Dog Slots operates a policy of delivering cashback bonuses on a weekly basis. Of course, this is subject to meeting monthly Kudos thresholds. Meanwhile, it is not unheard of to receive monthly cashback.

Are There Limits to What I Can Claim?

Casinos could never afford to hand out unlimited cashback funds, so you should always expect limits. The first limit is on the percentage value of the cashback, while the second limit is on the amount of funds you can receive.

Can I Get Real Money Back?

That would be the dream, but the fact of the matter is that cashback offers are driven by bonus credit instead. Fortunately, you can try to convert that into cash by meeting the wagering requirements attached.

What about Wagering Requirements and Caps?

Cashback is treated like other popular bonuses in that wagering requirements have to be met. You might also see that the casino places a cap on the amount of funds that can be converted into cash, while there could also be a maximum withdrawal limit. We highly recommend that you read any Ts & Cs to ensure you get the best possible deal.

Can I Cash Out My Cashback Bonus Easily?

You can cash out these bonuses easily if you have made an initial deposit, cleared the wagering requirements, and requested a withdrawal that is within the maximum amount required. You can further quicken the process by selecting a quick withdrawal method, such as PayPal.

This guide was written to make you a cashback whizz, so be sure to bookmark this page and keep on benefiting from our helpful advice.