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Gamified Slots

Casino slots gamification is something that has been developing apace in recent years. But what exactly is it, and how can it make your experience of playing slots more entertaining? That is what we’re going to look at here.

What is gamification?

Gamification is a method of introducing elements to gameplay to make it more interesting and exciting for the player. Without it, games can become repetitive and dull. Add gamification elements and you’ve got a recipe for bigger and better success for the developer and more entertainment for the player.

How does gamification in online slots work?

Think of a regular slot game. You’ll probably play it for a while and then get bored because there are no additional elements involved. There are no bonuses or special features, so there is nothing to shoot for.

Swap to a gamified slot and you get an entirely different experience. It’s one you won’t want to step away from. It is also one you are likely to try time and again.

Examples of gamification techniques

There are lots of varied techniques used to make slots more exciting:

  • Some slots introduce different worlds or levels to move through
  • Some slots include storylines or episodes
  • New levels or screens can unlock new features and bonuses

The above examples might also include various added perks as you play:

  • You may have different goals, targets, or challenges in each part of the game
  • Many slots introduce second-screen bonuses that take you away from the reels
  • You may have a choice of bonuses to play
  • Progressive bonuses also see players unlocking a different bonus option every time they trigger the bonus round
  • Unlockable content is provided, enabling you to enjoy extra prizes and features as you attain the required trigger

You can also expect to get other perks as you play gamified slot games:

  1. Rewards
  2. Prizes
  3. Mascots
  4. Mini games

Gamified slots at Top Dog Slots

It’s not difficult to find modern slots that employ gamification elements for players to enjoy. Top Dog Slots has some great examples and we’ve covered a couple of these below.

Lucky Leprechaun

This colourful little game is a delight, playing on the Irish luck theme and introducing some nice bonus elements:

  • Find the four-leaf clover on the fifth reel and you will secure five free spins
  • You also get a 2x multiplier
  • As you play, watch out for green clover – each one adds another free game
  • Watch out for gold clover too – each one adds 1x to your starting multiplier

The game also includes the Trail O’Fortune bonus. Watch for the bonus pot of gold to appear three or more times to unlock it:

  • Three pots of gold unlock four spins
  • Four pots of gold unlock five spins
  • Five pots of gold unlock six spins

Progress along the trail shown to see how far you can go. An emerald will reveal an additional spin to extend the feature.

3 Genie Wishes

There is more than a touch of Aladdin about this one. Mind you, it is a superb game with lots of additional features to look for:

  • Three scattered lamps will trigger a bonus
  • Choose one of the three items presented to you by the genie

There are four potential prizes you might win from this bonus, as follows:

  1. Free spins with Raining Wilds included
  2. Free spins with Sticky Wilds included
  3. A prize worth 1x your triggering bet
  4. A prize worth between 10x and 500x your triggering bet