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Best Casino Songs to Play at Top Dog!

Are certain songs luckier than others? The idea of lucky songs may never have occurred to you before, but they certainly occurred to us. That’s why we thought we would wander around online and see which songs might be good to play as you try out some games at Top Dog!

How might casino music enhance your Top Dog experience?

There are several ways you might appreciate listening to some music as you play:

  • It could replace some game music if you don’t like it (some have repetitive music not everyone likes)
  • You could listen your favourite songs as you play
  • You might discover some new favourite songs too
  • Songs about money can help set the mood as you choose a game to try

Our top casino songs to listen out for

These are our top five picks. Do you agree with our choices or do you have other songs you like to listen to? No doubt you will recognise some of these titles, but a few might be new to you.

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Everyone knows it is good to have a poker face when you are playing real poker with other players at the same table, so you don’t give away how good or bad your hand is. You won’t need it when you are playing video poker but singing about your poker face might make you smile, thanks to the vocal talents of Lady Gaga.

Take the Money and Run by Steve Miller Band

This song isn’t about gambling; it is about a young couple who break the law to grab some money and run with it. However, we can all relate to the idea of taking the money we might get on a casino game and running with it instead of risking it on another game, can’t we?

Money Money Money by ABBA

The person talking in this song is thinking about having money courtesy of finding a rich man to give her the luxury and cash she dreams of. Failing that, it might be time to head for Las Vegas or Monaco to enjoy a big prize in a game… something we probably all dream of doing occasionally!

If I Had $1,000,000 by Barenaked Ladies

This song is about someone who imagines what they would buy and do if they had a million dollars in their pocket. We often hear of those few fortunate players who have managed to net a huge progressive jackpot on a slot or other game, and we have all dreamed of what we might do with that cash.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Okay, so country music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but how could we compile this list without mentioning The Gambler? He sings about knowing when to fold and when to hold, which makes a lot of sense to anyone who has ever tried their luck with card games.

Will any of the above songs about winning bring good fortune your way?

We will never know, but hey, it can’t hurt! Gambling songs are a good way to make you smile as you try out your favourite games, not to mention new ones too, of course. Check out the suggestions we’ve made above and see if you find yourself humming along next time you play at Top Dog Slots.

From meeting a gambler to displaying a poker face, there are some great stories told in these songs. If you are fortunate while playing games at Top Dog Slots, you might have a story of your own to tell as well.