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Applying the 80/20 Rule at Online Casinos

The Pareto Principle is a concept devised by an Italian economist who determined that 80% of the country’s wealth lay in the hands of 20% the country’s population. This 80/20 rule has survived into the present, with some gamblers using the principle in their casino gaming.

What is the 80/20 Rule?

In gaming, this rule suggests that just 20% of your effort can put you at an 80% success rate compared to most other players. How can you cut back and start getting more from less?

  1. Numbers don’t matter: Don’t get too caught up with the numbers – you can also gain 70% benefit from 15% effort.
  2. How you define success: Figure out whether you want to have fun or winnings – 80/20 doesn’t have to be about money.
  3. Apply to your wider life: Cut back on activities that can give you more time for the things you love doing.

80/20 Tips for Casino Players

After discussing the Pareto rule, it is now time to deliver some tips that you can integrate into your gaming:

Focus on Games with Best ROI

It’s all about return on investment with the 80/20 principle, and Top Dog Slots has games that stand out with the best ROI compared to others:

  • Return to player (RTP): This percentage determines the long-term returns you can expect from a slot game.
  • 94% or higher: RTP will vary among slots, but you can typically settle on 94% or higher when identifying the best online slots.
  • Reels and paylines: A higher number of paylines can increase your cost and cause you to lose quicker.

Cultivate Key Habits

Top Dog Slots has previously highlighted the good habits of winning players. These include choosing the right slot, engaging in smart betting, staying sharp, and staying in control of your decision-making.

Those factors are vital when applying the 80/20 in your life, such as with gaming. You can choose basic slots or make only 50-50 bets and still succeed even if you are only targeting low hanging fruit – remember that less is more with 80/20.

Avoid Falling into Traps

There are literally hundreds of casino sites jostling for your attention and trying to distract you with misleading promises. In practicing the 80/20 principle, you need to avoid wasting all of that time.

Top Dog Slots is the type of casino that you can stick with and earn long-term rewards while avoiding the 20% of sites with promotions that eat 80% of your budget because of low ROIs.

Learn One Thing Well

One of the most effective strategies in adopting the 80/20 principle is focusing on what you know. This will enable you to devote 20% of your effort to the activity that brings 80% of your successful outcomes.

In doing so, you will focus your time on improving your skills for the game at which you are most effective. For instance, blackjack is a game where you can refine your ability to calculate odds based on the cards you have.

You can stick with Top Dog Slots and start making the most of your time.