World Cup Keno

Pariplay has created World Cup Keno as a celebration of the global football tournament. This makes the game suitable whether football fans or keno enthusiasts want to get involved in the action.


World Cup Keno has obviously been designed based on football. That much is abundantly clear from the interface of this keno game. Visually, you can see the markings of a football pitch laid on the screen, including the centre circle, 18-yard box, and six-yard box.

The other standout design elements would have to be the numbered indents, and that is because they are needed as part of the running of the game. They are a necessary part of the game, so they are definitely on the screen.

You can also enjoy World Cup Keno mobile if you would rather this medium compared to desktop. Here at Top Dog Slots, our casino site is instantly compatible in the HTML5 web browsers that are provided as standard on iOS and Android.


In World Cup Keno, you are given the option of choosing to wager on up to 10 numbers presented on the pitch. If you want to cover only a single number, then you will get to play for only £0.10 a turn.

The wagering values then scale based on how many numbers you want to cover, so you will have to bear this in mind when navigating the rules. In total, there will be 20 numbers drawn at random from the 100 that are displayed on the gaming interface.

If you cannot choose your numbers, then World Cup Keno is able to do so for you. There is an option to select 10 numbers entirely at random, but you will also get the chance to pick one of the 10 football-related patterns of numbers.


The downside of covering only one number is that you can win only the smallest multiplier of 3x. Obviously, this is not going to be as appealing as staking £10.00 for the chance to win a 10,000x multiplier.


World Cup Keno does not work like a slot game that is going to provide you with a range of special features. Basically, all you need to know is that covering 10 numbers will lead to three Lucky Numbers being dealt, which gives you a chance at using the Multiplier Wheel. If you do well on the wheel, then you can have your stake multiplier by 100x.


Another key point of this World Cup Keno review is knowing some of the tips that are going to help you out during your gaming session:

  • Play what you can afford: Sure, there are some very high multipliers to be won, but it’s expensive to play for them, so always ensure that you play what you can afford based on your bankroll.
  • Covering 10 numbers: You are going to have some major advantages to covering all 10 numbers. For starters, you get three extra lucky numbers to potentially win from, not to mention a chance at winning a 100x multiplier from the wheel game.
  • Picking numbers: If you find it tough to pick out numbers, then simply use one of the pre-assigned patterns or else select to have 10 chosen entirely at random.

Why Play at Top Dog Slots?

Being a member of Top Dog Slots will give you the ability to play World Cup Keno on your desktop or mobile devices without installation. In not time at all, you will be trying to match those numbered footballs in this really fun keno game. Maxing out the bet will give you a shot at snagging the ultimate 10,000x jackpot multiplier.