Monster Madness

Monsters don’t have to be scary whenever they are cutely designed and fun to play around with. And that is exactly the type of game you can expect to encounter when you play the Monster Madness slot here at Top Dog Slots.


Monster Madness appears to take place with a technologically advanced city in the background. This is to set the scene as the monsters appearing in a futuristic setting, but this has been tied in using the basic story elements and special features.

When playing Monster Madness, you encounter a slot interface of three reels by three rows. This feels quite refreshing to find the slot adopting a unique design in which you can explore a fresh structure. Furthermore, this structure is easily accommodated on smaller screens, with Monster Madness slot mobile working on tablets and smartphones.


In terms of the rules, Tom Horn Making has provided eight paylines, which is pretty generous for a slot of this size. A further rule means that the eight paylines cannot be lowered, so they will remain fixed in place at all times during the gameplay.

Tom Horn Gaming has put a £100.00 maximum place, but you can come down much lower than that in the wagering system. Impressively, you can get to wager from just £0.20 on each and every spin. Of course, the amount of winnings will depend on the wager that has been staked, so that is worth considering.


Monster Madness comes with a modest range of base game multipliers. As you can see below, the rewards are on the lower end of the scale when matching five symbols. But that is because there are special features to come.

  • Scatter wilds: 30x
  • Orange monster: 12x
  • Red monster: 6x
  • Purple monster: 3x
  • Blue monster: 1.5x


Monster Madness also comes with a selection of special features that are designed to complement that the base game system that is in place:

  • Scatter free spins: Three or more scatters can mean that you will receive from five to 11 free spins.
  • Scatter wilds: These special wild symbols shall make an appearance during free spins. Any wilds that are utilised will double the winnings. Multipliers can combined all the way up to 100 with nine scatter wilds.


Before you jump into Monster Madness and have fun with all the critters, you can check out some tips that are going to serve you well:

  • Base game: The multipliers are smaller for the base game symbols, so these are best-suited to topping up your funds to ensure that you keep getting to spin.
  • Get free spins: If you do keep earning spins, then you are going to have a better chance of getting free spins, and that is what Monster Madness is all about. Not only are the spins generous, but you will also have special multipliers to win.
  • Going mobile: Top Dog Slots will let you take Monster Madness with you on mobile devices with no download or installation necessary. We suggest that you try playing Monster Madness on Android or iOS for the very best level of quality.

Why Play at Top Dog Slots?

This Monster Madness slot review has revealed that the base game symbols are on the low side for multipliers, but that is offset by the fact that the free spins and scatter wilds are so utterly rewarding. So, keep that in mind when deciding to play Monster Madness.

Finally, Top Dog Slots is a site where you can get at least 10 free spins on your first £20 deposit. Moving forward, you can try to earn yet more spins from completing challenges and gaining trophies.